Book: A Whisper across time

“It started with a whisper reminding me of things forgotten, things lost. Then it became deafening in its explosion of feelings.”

Seventeen years ago, after listening to a radio programme about second generation Holocaust survivors, Olga Campbell experienced feelings she had spent a lifetime repressing. Her experience of grief, sorrow and sadness had its origins in events which happened to her family during the Holocaust. She started to confront these feeling by creating a solo multimedia exhibition in 2005 called “Whispers Across Time.” A year ago she felt compelled to write her family’s story. It felt as if her ancestors were whispering to her, encouraging her to do this. “ A Whisper Across Time” is the result of these whispers.

This is the story of one family’s experience of the Holocaust. Olga Campbell tells a very personal and moving story through prose, art and poetry, creating a multi dimensional snapshot of family losses and intergenerational trauma. Campbell’s art and poetry reflect the theme of sorrow and sadness created by this dark period of history.

This is a story of remembering and healing. It is also a cautionary tale asking the reader to look at what is happening in the world today. It happened before – it could happen again.

Part memoir, part art, “ A Whisper Across Time” will make you stop, feel and reflect.

A Whisper Across Time is a profoundly moving experience. It is a healing ritual, a Shamanic soul retrieval, a celebration of life, and a gift of love and gratitude to the family Olga Campbell never really knew. She reminds us that it is never too late to heal the sorrows of the past or to protect the future from the dangers of forgetting.

Ann Mortifee

Vancouver composer, singer, performer, and recipient of the Order of Canada

Olga Campbell’s poignant tribute to family murdered in the Shoah, is a personal triumph. With words and art she has created an emotional response to a psychologically wounded mother and her inadvertent legacy of trauma. Her enormous artistic talents and insights provide not only a measure of healing but also faithfulness to memory – the lives unlived are not forgotten. This is a precious contribution to the literature of the Holocaust and to resolving the consequences of catastrophic trauma.

Dr. Robert Krell

Founding President of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre


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